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Symposia Themes

Advanced Materials and Coatings - AMC

Issues and challenges associated with the synthesis and processing, characterization, advanced-state properties, and application of advanced materials and coatings. Research works focused on the application of advanced ceramic materials, polymers, metals, and composites to withstand the aggressive environment. Other innovative topics related to corrosion engineering and new material development.

Corrosion of Biomaterials and Devices - BMD

Issues and challenges associated with application of biomaterials as implant devices, artificial organs, and medical equipment. Development of new biocompatible materials (bulk or coating) and refinement of existing material composition/processing techniques to improve the service life of the specific biomedical applications. Innovative design approaches to improve the composites life as well as safety. Issues and challenges related to the performance of biological implant devices against various types of corrosion such as fretting, crevice, and galvanic corrosion. Recent developments in the synthesis of corrosion-resistant super alloys, surface processing modalities and material selection to increase the life of the implants.

Electrodeposition and nanotechnology for corrosion control - ENT

Issues and challenges associated with usage of nanomaterials in different corrosion prevention strategies, fabrication of electrodeposited nanostructured materials. Advanced techniques used in the development of moderate and high-temperature oxidation resistance of nano-crystalline materials, tribo-corrosion, and role of nanomaterials. Research on self-healing coatings, polymer nanocomposite coatings, inorganic-organic hybrid technology for nanostructured coatings, and their impact on corrosion resistance.

Electrochemical testing techniques - ETT

Challenges associated with the development of corrosion monitoring and testing techniques for the existing and newly developed metallic components under different exposure conditions. Early detection techniques and approaches to quantify corrosion degradation to frame preventive maintenance schedule. Case studies related to the establishment of corrosion damage and its prediction, material, mechanisms, and methodology selection.

Corrosion and Inhibitors - INH

Issues/challenges in the use of inhibitors. Understanding the interaction between the microstructure of metal or alloy with corrosion inhibitors. The process of selecting a suitable corrosion inhibitor for the particular material and the exposure condition. Techniques and methodologies available to synthesize and characterize a new corrosion inhibitor. Case studies relevant to the applications of corrosion inhibitors and its performance.

Corrosion in concrete structures - RCC

Issues and challenges related to the assessment of corrosion characteristics in reinforced concrete structures. Research topics related to the different types of corrosion in reinforced concrete and pre-stressed concrete structures. Innovative measures to mitigate the corrosion initiation and propagation in concrete structures. Service life estimation models for predicting the service life of the structure subjected to corrosion.

Smart, Organic, and Inorganic coatings - SOI

Issues and challenges associated with coatings for various industries where these are used to protect or decorate the system. The specific topic of interest may cover performance of smart, organic and inorganic coating and linings on the pipeline, offshore steel structures, transport vehicles, power and petrochemical plants. Inspection and study of coatings include design and failure analysis, material selection, development and implementation in the field of coatings and linings.

Corrosion of Weld Joints and Hot Corrosion - WHC

Techniques and methodologies to fight against the corrosion in weld joints and hot corrosion phenomenon. Development of suitable welding practices used to control corrosion in weld joints. Advanced testing methods and innovative salt deposition techniques to evaluate hot corrosion phenomena which simulate real scenario. Case studies, predictive modeling, and laboratory research related to weld joint corrosion and hot corrosion.